Friday, August 17, 2007

Pro Football Hall of Fame

The day started at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Some highlights:

  • A number of people showed up there in football jerseys. I wish people would have done that at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It would’ve been much more interesting to see overweight Pittsburgians dressed in David Bowie uniforms than Steelers uniforms.
  • Av’s first highlight of the Hall was reading “the major terms” of the AFL-NFL merger. Hall of Fame, “You’ve been lawyered!”
  • Without treading too much on New Harold’s feet… a merry fact from the Hall of Fame: In 1983, all five AFC East teams drafted quarterbacks. Three of those are in the hall of fame.
    Av and Harold had their Jets season tickets for this week’s Friday night preseason game with them. (It seems they won’t be going to that game. Chicago is far from New York. Oh, and Shabbos and stuff) Well, they did the best possible thing anyone could ever do with tickets to a game… They left them standing atop the Jets team shrine. I hope there are two guys going back to New York who make it back just in time to sell them on stub hub.
  • The best part of the pro football Hall of Fame was a circular room filled with all the busts of every Hall of Fame inductee. I want to pull a Dr. Tobias Funke when I get back and bronze myself in case the hall of fame calls. Oh, Etan, you’re a blowhard.
  • The bust room also had an interactive screen with every player listed and located for you. It also lets you watch memorable moments, a video biography, and a personal profile.
    Actual nicknames from players enshrined in the early years of the Hall of Fame: Red, Dutch, Curly, Blood, Bronko, Link, Paddy, Bulldog, shorty, Crazylegs, Greasy, Turk (although I am pretty sure it’s Turkleton), Bruiser, Ace, Night Train, Tuffy, and Deacon. But they didn’t have a Butch. Us 1, Hall of Fame 0.
  • They didn’t have enough interactive stuff in the non-Bust rooms in the Hall, that was its major weakness. At the end, they did have a football toss, which I am sad to say – Abie was the first one to throw a football through successfully. That was a bigger upset than when the Providence Steam Rollers beat the New York Giants 14-0 on October 11, 1925.

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Danny the Manny said...

I'd say that the Rock & R Hall of Fame was the Andy Warhol of the trip, covering arts. The Football Hall of Fame was the Roberto Clemente of the trip, covering sports. So is it possible to say that the Motor Speedway Hall of Fame to be visited on Tuesday is the Rachel Carson of the trip?

This connection can only be made through San Diego.

Dateline: August 17, 2007
Headline: New electric scooter is good to go on freeways
University City man 1st California owner
By Alex Roth

But environmentalists and other proponents of electric power say the Vectrix Maxi-Scooter is one of the more exciting inventions in years: a battery-powered motorcycle that can reach upward of 60 mph. To watch a Vectrix peel out on the highway is, perhaps, to glimpse the future.

The future arrived in San Diego yesterday when a University City man became the first person in California, and one of the first in the country, to receive delivery of the freeway-legal scooter.

“I'm saving the planet one gallon at a time,” Dan Wolfson, 62, said.