Sunday, August 19, 2007

The 49er Drive-In, Valparaiso, Indiana

This drive-in was the most American thing any one of us has ever done (except Harold. Harold thinks his step father’s mustache is very American). Every family there drove a pick up truck or SUV and they all had five kids and each kid had blond hair and blue eyes. Which makes sense because each parent had blond hair and blue eyes, as well.

They sell coke by the 130 oz. (we know cause we had), and popcorn by the tub. Not popcorn tub, tub; bathtub tub. Oh, we also learned the answer to the age old question of “Why do they sell those fold up chairs at Target/ Wal Mart if the only people who use them are kids in camp?” The answer is – hicks at drive ins use them as well. So they are cornering two markets.

There is a beep song. I can’t explain this further really because I was just as confused as I assume you are now. But there is a song that they play before the movie, whose tune sounds like it was composed by Uncle Moishy. During this song, all the kids go to the driver’s seat and honk their horns repetitively and annoyingly. It’s really great. And by great, I mean terrible.

Blared out by the “Beep your horn for long, annoying periods of time” song, and wished again later was a message over the PA wishing “Happy 50th Birthday Harold from the Thread.” I think it took the second listening to believe it was referring to us. But it was. Harold’s name turned 50 on Thursday. He looks good for his age, still has his sense of humor, eyesight and boyish good looks. Kudos to Danny Groner for the wishes. The best part of the happy birthday was the length it took to pull this off. For the whole story, email Danny. Watch out for that first email, it’s a Doozy!

They also start the movies with the National Anthem. This was a huge slice of Americana. After this experience, I think I am voting Republican. And buying a gun. And having five kids. And a dog.

As far as the movies… We saw Ratatouille and The Simpsons. I bring you Harold Rosengarten’s brilliant reviews of each:

Ratatouille – “I don’t even remember, I though it was okay. I learned that not only can rodents sew dresses, but they can do a whale of a job cooking.”

The Simpsons – “I am looking forward to Spider Pig 3”

I am looking forward to Harold fun facts 2…

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