Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Harold's Fun Facts from Days 1-3

1. The way Av Lincoln's hands are positioned at the Lincoln Memorial for the letters "A" and "L" in sign language. (Note to Uri: "A" and "L" are Abie Lincoln's initials)

2. Gettysburg National Military Park was visited by 1.2 million people in 2006.

3. Our 15th President, James Buchanan was born in Mercersburg, Pa, also known as the town in which Etan was pulled over (not cardiganed).

4. General John Forbes, the man for whom the Pittsburgh Pirates' former home, Forbes Field is named, was the man who named the city of Pittsburgh.

5. The last 15 games that the Pirates Jose Castillo has started have all come at 3rd base (special thanks to the scoreboard at PNC Park who granted us express written consent to reprint this fun fact).

6. The Roberto Clemente Bridge (the bridge we used to exit PNC Park) is one of 3 parallel bridges called the "Three Sisters." The others that span the Allegheny River are the Andy Warhol Bridge and the Rachel Carson Bridge.

7. Ohio is the only state in the U.S. without a rectangular state flag.

8. Eric Clapton has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 3 separate times: once as solo artist, once as a member of "Cream" and once as a member of the "Yardbirds."

9. Ringo Starr is the only Beatle not to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist.

10. It would take around 11-12 days to take Stark's boat from Lake Erie to Florida (courtesy of Captain Don).

11. Abie took the longest to order from Subway. He clocked in at just over 6 minutes.

12. Etan sat in the second row of the van on the passenger side for ther first 16 hours and 26 minutes of driving time.

13. Butch was the last road tripper to drive. To date he has only sat behind the wheel for 28 minutes.

14. I have dropped 1 F-Bomb on the trip to lead the league in least F-Bombs.

15. Av has called everyone on the trip an a**-hole. He has also done so in every state.


Yassi said...

I'm a big fan of the fun facts, keep em coming.

Why did you go to Cleveland for Subway when you could have come to Brooklyn? Next time...

Does New Harold care less for grammar? You lead the league in *fewest* f-bombs.

Am I the last one to hear about the Clapton-Harrison rivalry over Pattie Boyd? Crazy.

If a flag is not rectangular, can you even call it a flag? I guess you can, since Uri is a flag.


Danny the Manny said...

Yassi, I should point out that your comment on this blog was the first one, in singular. Therefore, it should have read "1 comment" and not "comments" in plural. I corrected this by posting and making in pluralized comments (2).

In Dec. 2005, just after the city renamed the Ninth Street Bridge after the environmentalist Carson, a Post-Gazette reporter set out to find out if the three people these bridges were named after had ever met.

"I next sought a common thread among the three, and found little," he wrote in his article.


RLS said...

I appreciate this post since I never would have guessed Clapton was inducted for the Yardbirds, a band I associate more with Jimmy Page, and would have instead assumed Derek and the Dominos, thanks to a little ditty called "Layla."

What I do not appreciate is waking up to a Mets blanket spread across my living room couch... you bastard. See you in the post-season.