Friday, August 17, 2007

Notre Dame

We have more to say about Indiana as a whole, but we'll see if we can get there....

The campus was totally empty, which was unappreciated. They really should have brought some people in for us. We did get a chance to see the football stadium, touchdown Jesus, “Number 1 Moses,” and the Golden Dome. The Golden Dome seemed to be one of the most chilled out religious structures I have ever seen. First of all, Jesus atop the dome seems to be giving a “low five.” Secondly, there is a beach volleyball court right next to it. I’d like to see that at the kotel. Actually, I just remembered what the kotel ladies look like. Let’s keep them shrouded in black…

Harold went in to the touchdown Jesus building, supposedly to pee. I am going to assume that is a euphemism for baptism.

One other note- the golden furred squirrels in Indiana are the equivalent of pigeons in New York. This squirrel crawled right up to Av without fear. Only after Abie explained that on his many travails he had met one of his kind called Ko-Jo did the squirrel let us go. Consider this fulfilling our promise to tell stories of his compassion.

The campus is gorgeous. It’s sprawling with huge lawns, lined by trees, and interspersed with murals and monuments. It must be ridiculously beautiful in the spring and fall. There is also a lot of Latin. If only I had gone to the School of Rock to learn it.

College is amazing. You know… hypothetically.
YU Sucks.

Still to come: A drive in to Americana and a Happy 50th Birthday to Harold.... Stay Tuned


Danny the Manny said...

I'd say that the R & R Hall of Fame was the Andy Warhol of your trip, covering arts. The Football Hall of Fame was the Roberto Clemente of your trip, covering sports. So how does environmentalist Rachel Carson tie in to the Motor Speedway Hall of Fame to be visited on Tuesday?

All connections go through San Diego.

Dateline: August 17, 2007
Headline: New electric scooter is good to go on freeways
University City man 1st California owner
By Alex Roth

But environmentalists and other proponents of electric power say the Vectrix Maxi-Scooter is one of the more exciting inventions in years: a battery-powered motorcycle that can reach upward of 60 mph. To watch a Vectrix peel out on the highway is, perhaps, to glimpse the future.

The future arrived in San Diego yesterday when a University City man became the first person in California, and one of the first in the country, to receive delivery of the freeway-legal scooter.

“I'm saving the planet one gallon at a time,” Dan Wolfson said.


Yassi said...

I would just like to say that the R & R Hall of Fame was the Andy Warhol of your trip, covering arts. I'm not sure if that's been stated yet.

The Heights has more grass than Notre Dame, it's just rolled up and concealed.

Harold went in to call the touchdown back. Holding on Luke Petitgout.

Quick, which would you rather take - low five or high four?

Has there been a joke about Popcorn Indiana yet? If not, I am thoroughly disappointed. And hungry.

What's with Harold's fiftieth? Are we mocking his delectation for slippers and oldfangled terminology? Or are we saying he suffers from Otis Nixoneosis (fast feet old face)? Do New Harold years count as much as 10-20 Old Harold years in proportion to their factor of awesome-ness? In either case, Harold, I bestow my congratulatory salutations. You are a fine fellow. Yes, a fine fellow.